Academic Program Collaboration Opportunities

The Academic Programs unit would like to inform you of several ways that you can seek collaboration opportunities for your new or existing academic programs.

First, when your college or university submits a Notice of Intent for a new program in Program Navigator, you may now insert a collaboration request in the “Notes” section of the form. This notice is sent to all colleges and universities in the system, and there is a good chance that another school is interested in developing a program in the same field, although they may face financial or structural restrictions. By requesting collaboration, a new partnership may be established that will benefit the students and ease the burden on the participating schools.

Second, colleges and universities can respond to another school’s Notice of Intent with a Request to Collaborate. Current practice is to either not respond or to file an objection. Under the new method, responses may include a “Request for Collaboration” that will result in discussions between the original program initiator and the respondent to determine if there is indeed grounds for collaboration.

Third, you may contact the program director assigned to your college or university to ask whether collaboration is a possibility. They will search the Program Inventory to determine what similar programs are currently offered by which schools and assist you in reaching out to those schools. Contact Marta Mohr (651) 201-1683 or Tamara Arnott (651) 201-1685.

Finally, we encourage you to use the CAO or Dean listservs to seek collaboration opportunities.  A short message asking for assistance in creating a novel, cutting-edge, but expensive or low enrollment program may result in a sustainable and important educational opportunity for our students.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these methods in finding opportunities for collaboration.

Contact:  Jon Dalager

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