MnSCU’s Next Generation Learning Environment Project Update

A MnSCU Learning Environment work group under the ASA Technology Council recently completed an environmental scan and product Request for Information (RFI) for the next generation learning environment (also called learning management system). The changing nature of learning technologies and the pervasive movement toward cloud services and mobile access allows for many new educational opportunities. Based on the RFI completed in April, the Council recommended moving directly to “RFP mode” during fall 2016 for the “next generation learning environment.”

In moving forward, MnSCU is committed to an open and transparent process. Over the summer, faculty and student appointments will be sought to join the Next Gen LE work group of the Council for the academic year. In addition, MnSCU’s faculty and students and other groups of stakeholders will be invited to provide input through a broad-based engagement process spanning fall 2016 and spring 2017.

Among the aspects to be investigated during the RFP process are:

  • New architectures, interfaces, designs, and forms of collaboration
  • Customization and personalization
  • Accessibility
  • Access to LE data, analytics functions, and competency-based learning assessment
  • Functionality across all platforms and devices
  • Cloud space for content aggregation and connection
  • Ability to meet MnSCU’s security requirements
  • Ability to confederate components through interoperability and LTI integrations
  • Unique or distinguishing features for faculty and students

Faculty and students will be consulted throughout the RFP process. For ongoing updates and more information please use this link.

Questions?  Contact Lesley Blicker



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