The Minnesota State System Office has federal grant funds available!

The Retention, Completion and Employment Grant

Minnesota State seeks to strengthen its commitment to providing access and opportunity to education and career pathways to all Minnesotans. Through the 2016-2017 Retention, Completion and Employment Grants Program, we seek innovative strategies and collaboration to addressing persistent equity issues in the recruitment, retention and completion of special population groups in career technical education and employment. ‘Special Populations’ as defined by the Perkins Career & Technical Education Act of 2006 include: individuals with disabilities, nontraditional careers by gender, economically disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and single parents/pregnant mothers. The recruitment, retention and completion of older youth and adults in careers with sustainable wages is critical to addressing economic needs within communities, acquiring job skills and responding to employment gaps in workforce. Employment gaps include worker shortages and underemployment.

Campus faculty, staff, or administrators at the Minnesota State colleges are eligible to submit a proposal

All proposals must show evidence of collaboration with a local Minnesota Workforce Center. Additional community and industry partners are strongly encouraged as collaborators to provide support services, placement, mentoring, experiential learning opportunities or other services as leveraged resources for proposed projects.

Important dates and Deadlines

Applications were opened on August 18, 2016 with a deadline of September 26, 2016.

Grant Awards

The maximum amount available: for any single proposal is $10,000.
The maximum number of awards: Four (4) grants will be awarded.

More Information

For complete grant details, go to the Minnesota State WebGrants system at

Eva Scates-Winston
Equity Specialist, Minnesota State
(651) 201-1680

These federal funds are made available through the Carl D. Perkins Career & Technical Education Act of 2006 administered through the career and technical education department under the Academic and Student Affairs division at Minnesota State. To learn more about our work, visit us at

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