Minnesota State Resources for ITT Students and Others

Dear Presidents, CAOs, and CSAOs:


I’m pleased to let you know that today we are making available a website and live online advisors for students from ITT and other closed or closing colleges and programs. The site (which has a link from the system home page, www.mnscu.edu) is designed to accomplish the following:


  1. Welcome students to consider their choices in Minnesota State;
  2. Provide information about the array of programs offered on our campuses and online;
  3. Link students to immediate help via phone, chat, and email to advisors who are knowledgeable about transfer;
  4. Ensure that the online advisors refer students as quickly as possible to a designated point of contact at each campus;
  5. Provide details about financial aid considerations for students whose programs or colleges have closed; and
  6. Offer a special message for veterans and active-duty service members.


Later this week, Paul Shepherd, System Director for Student Service and Student Development, will be sending information to all admissions directors about the site, asking for identification of a single point of contact, and providing tips about admission and transfer considerations for these students. Chris Halling, System Director for Financial Aid, recently wrote to all financial aid directors to inform them about working with students from ITT, Regency, and Globe.


The new website is intended to be a permanent feature for students dealing with college or program closures.


We hope that your own college and university efforts, along with these coordinated resources at Minnesota State, will make for an effective, integrated approach to these students.

I want to thank Michelle Goode, Teresa Theisen, Chris Halling, Gina Sobania, Louise DiCesare, Jon Dalager, and Lynda Milne in their excellent work in researching the many issues surrounding this complex issue and creating these resources in support of students impacted by these closures and your campus efforts to serve them.


Best regards,

Ron Anderson, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs | ron.anderson@so.mnscu.edu

Susan Platt, Executive Assistant | susan.platt@so.mnscu.edu




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