The Marketing and Communications and Government Relations teams have been working in close collaboration to expand upon communications efforts during this year’s legislative session. Government Relations has established a Grassroots Network of individuals from the colleges and universities who are helping to communicate about the Minnesota State budget request and the work happening in conjunction with the legislative session. One specific effort currently underway is a Twitter campaign called #54Campuses54Days.

Each weekday for the next 54 days (excluding holidays), #54Campuses54Days highlights one campus with a series of tweets throughout the day focused on the college or university. The tweets include fun facts, enrollment information, and details about the impact of the Minnesota State budget request to the individual college or university. With the first dozen or so days completed, we have gotten excellent feedback about the campaign. If you are on Twitter, we encourage you to follow @mnscu and feel free to like and retweet. It’s a great way to help spread the word about the value of our colleges and universities and lend your support to our budget request during this legislative session.

Don’t use Twitter? You don’t need a Twitter account to see and read the campaign tweets. Simply click on any of the links below to see the social media campaign underway in support of all our Minnesota State campuses.

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