Costa Rica Study Abroad – Looking for a Host College

The Education for Global Learning Consortium has offered a successful study abroad program in Costa Rica for many years, and the current host is Ridgewater College—see our website here for further information. While that has been a positive experience for the many students and faculty who participated, it is time to find another college to host this program.

This study abroad program offers a spring-semester eight-week experience in conjunction with the Institute of Culture and Language of Costa Rica—learn more here. Because the curriculum has been vetted by Minnesota State administrators, credits are integrated into the Minnesota Transfer goal areas. While in country, students live with host families who are carefully screened by ICLC staff. With a focus on Spanish language and Costa Rican culture, the program could continue as is or be reconfigured in other ways, e.g., condensed to an intensive 1-month summer offering.

If your college is interested in hosting this excellent, affordable program, please contact one of the current coordinators:

Kathy Steffen ( or 320-234-8554)
Ruth Fairchild ( or 320-222-7520)

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