Legislative Update – March 19, 2018

It will be a busy week at the Capitol with just four days remaining until the first committee deadline, when committees must act favorably on policy bills in the house of origin. The Senate will be in session at 11:00 a.m. today, and the House will go into session at 3:30 this afternoon.

As a reminder, Gov. Mark Dayton released his supplemental budget recommendation Friday, which can be found here. Dayton’s plan spends $226 million of the state’s projected $329 million surplus, which includes funding $10 million for campus support for Minnesota State and $8.5 million in ongoing funding for Next Gen.

Dayton’s plan also focuses on altering taxes to conform to recent changes in federal law, and includes $20 million in revenue changes. This includes creating a new Minnesota Personal and Dependent Tax Credit, expanding the Working Family Tax Credit, and separating Minnesota’s tax system from the federal government. The governor is also renewing his push from last year to eliminate the reductions in the tobacco tax, the estate tax, and the commercial industrial property tax that were contained in the tax bill from 2017. More information regarding Dayton’s tax plan can be found here.

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