Announcing The Shark Tank Open Pay It Forward Funding

Anticipation is already high for this year’s Shark Tank Open (STO) event, but hold on tight – it is about to get even higher!

Educational Innovations is pleased to announce the creation of STO Pay It Forward Funding.

Pay It Forward Funding is available for up to $10,000, and rewards innovators who wish to transport previously funded innovations to their college or university campus. The steps for eligibility are simple enough, but expect the competition to be fierce (this is a shark tank, after all)!

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Attend the Shark Tank Open.

STEP 2: Visit the themed rooms at the event and find a previously funded project that intrigues you.  Discuss with the exhibitor what it would take to recreate the innovation on your campus.

STEP 3: Send an email to Stephen Kelly at indicating your interest in submitting a proposal for Pay It Forward Funding and include the innovation you would like to recreate on your campus.  Innovators will have until May 11 to submit a proposal for consideration.

A total of $30,000 in Pay It Forward Funding is available this year through the STO event.

So REGISTER TODAY, prepare to be inspired, and we’ll see you at the Shark Tank Open!

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