Legislative Update – April 30, 2018

The focus at the Capitol last week was on omnibus budget bills. The Senate combined all of their omnibus bills into one supplemental budget bill, which they passed off the Senate floor Thursday evening without any votes from DFL members. The House has been moving their budget bills more slowly, and bundling them for floor discussion. On Thursday last week, the House passed their first omnibus bill, which consisted of K-12 education and higher education. The House is taking up the omnibus tax bill and omnibus legacy finance bill on the floor today.

With the adjournment date for the 2018 Legislative Session set for three weeks from today, expect long floor sessions for both chambers and the beginning of negotiations between the Legislature and Governor Dayton as May 21 approaches.

Board of Regents

On Thursday afternoon this week, the House and Senate higher education committees will jointly convene to nominate a University of Minnesota Regent for the First Congressional District. The recommendation of the committees will then be considered by the full Legislature. The open position results from the recent resignation of retired Rochester physician Patricia Simmons from the Board. The process by which the candidates are vetted has been criticized by some, and several reforms of the Regent Candidate Advisory Council have been proposed this legislative session. The five candidates vying for the position are:

  • Mary Davenport of Mankato
  • Brooke Edwards of Rochester
  • Jeanne Hankerson of Owatonna
  • Randy Simonson of Worthington
  • Wendy Shannon of Rochester

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