Legislative Update – Governor vetoes tax bill and supplemental budget bill

Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed the tax bill and the omnibus supplemental budget bill.

In Dayton’s veto letter of the omnibus supplemental budget bill, he said, “I made my objections to this bill very clear throughout the session. My administration sent you over 100 detailed letters throughout the session, carefully explaining my concerns with each of the proposals.” The Governor’s concerns with the bill are laid out in his letter. Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Myron Frans said in this morning’s press conference that with these vetoes, the State of Minnesota will have now have a surplus of $287 million.

With the veto of the supplemental budget bill, Minnesota will not receive $3 million in campus support or $500,000 additional funds for workforce development scholarships.

Regarding Gov. Dayton’s veto of the tax bill, Dayton said in the press release, “I am vetoing this bill because of its misguided priorities that give tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy over the education of our children.”

Department of Revenue Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly said the Department will immediately begin updating filing systems due to the veto of the tax conformity bill, and she said she is confident they will be able to deliver. When asked if Dayton would consider a special session to pass a tax conformity bill after the November election, he said he’s open to suggestions but doesn’t want to hold out hope.

In regards to other bills sent to the Governor after session, Dayton said he is still reviewing the bonding bill, pension bill and other proposals sent to him and hopes to make a decision on those by the end of the week.

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