Web-Based uAchieve Degree Audit Now Fully Implemented

Exciting Announcement:

The Degree Audit Support Team has been working diligently with campuses over the past several months and have completed system-wide implementation of the user friendly, web interface “uAchieve Self-Service” as of August 15, 2018.

This web-based degree audit system provides students with their existing degree audits, as well as enabling “what-if” scenario planning.  Students can now quickly view how their courses match against other degree programs at their college or university, other than their currently declared program(s).

Additionally, students can view course descriptions via links on their audit.  For staff, it allows exceptions from the audit and improved maneuverability for transfer encoding and evaluation of students’ transfer coursework.

What-if Audit Graphic

We are excited to have everyone on-board and look forward to next steps toward degree completion for our students.

–  The Degree Audit Support Team

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