Register Now! Power in Diversity Professional Development Day

As the start of a new semester nears, we wanted to provide more information on the Professional Development Day that is hosted by the System Office of Equity and Inclusion in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Student Services at Minnesota State University, Saint Cloud during the Power in Diversity Conference.

The cost for the day is $120 and includes conference meals and snacks, materials and a certificate of participation.

The day was designed as an opportunity to provide relevant professional development for staff accompanying students to the conference. Over the course of the day, practitioners will have the opportunity to hear from other colleagues from across the system on contemporary issues in student affairs, data disaggregation for student success and mental health and the student learning experience to name a few.

We have tried hard to create a schedule that is representative of trending topics for equity and inclusion but also expressed needs from practitioners across the system.

Please see our Informational flyer for more information and if you are planning to attend, but have yet to submit your registration, please click here to complete the registration process.

We ask that even if you are not able to attend or send staff, please share widely with your networks.

For additional questions please email Briana Williamson.

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