Legislative Update: April 1, 2019

Last Friday marked the second legislative committee deadline, when committees needed to act favorably on bills, or companions of bills, that met the first deadline in the other house in order for the bill to advance. Now that the first two deadlines have been met, finance divisions will work over the next two weeks preparing their omnibus finance bills in order to meet the third and final committee deadline of Friday, April 12. Omnibus bills are a compilation of bills reviewed earlier in session that fit within the committee’s assigned budget target. Throughout the last couple months, committees have been hearing and laying over bills for possible inclusion in their respective omnibus bills.

After the final deadline of April 12, lawmakers are scheduled to head home to their districts for the annual Easter/Passover legislative break, scheduled April 13-22. When legislators return to St. Paul, both the House and Senate will take up the multiple omnibus bills on the floor, along with other bills that have made it through the committee deadline process.

As a reminder, the Senate budget target for higher education is $65.7 million. This is in comparison to $304.9 million for higher education in the House budget target, and $164 million for higher education in Governor Walz’s budget proposal. We will have a better idea of how that money is spent in the Senate and House later this week.

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