Announcing the Network for Educational Development Events Calendar

The Educational Innovations unit within the Academic and Student Affairs Division of Minnesota State has launched an events calendar on the ASA Newsletter.  Based on feedback from our colleges and universities, this events calendar was developed as the single location to communicate a list of development opportunities that are coordinated by Academic and Student Affairs at Minnesota State.  The development opportunities available on this calendar are collectively titled, the Network for Educational Development.

Our Goal

To support our Minnesota State initiative to eliminate the student success gap, the Network for Educational Development will provide development opportunities to those that support student learning.  These opportunities will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to reduce the student success gap by:

  • Applying effective course design and delivery strategies in an all teaching environments.
  • Using academic technologies and learning management system tools effectively and efficiently.
  • Using evidence of student learning to reflect and refine instruction.

To see available development opportunities through Minnesota State, visit the events calendar today.

Opportunities are completely voluntary, but many individuals may find these to be wonderful opportunities to include in professional development plans (PDPs).

Here are some additional details

Costs: None. All opportunities on the events calendar are available at no cost to the Minnesota State community.

Registration: You can register for most opportunities using a registration link provided on the events calendar.

How to Navigate the Events Calendar: There are several ways to search for events on this calendar:

  1. Enter terms in the search menu.
  2. Use one or more of the filters.
  3. Change from a month/weekly view to a list view.

This short video was prepared to showcase the different ways you can navigate for events on the calendar.

What Opportunities Are Available?

To help categorize the different types of opportunities that are available, the following framework was created for the Network for Educational Development.

NED opportunities

Building Awareness

These opportunities are designed to provide participants with an orientation to an instructional topic or instructional technology.  Search for Building Awareness opportunities.

Developing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Opportunities are provided online over an extended period (one to three weeks).  Often led and facilitated by faculty and staff from Minnesota State institutions, participants work in community with other faculty members and staff to develop deeper knowledge of a specific topic.  Equipped with this knowledge, participants engage in personalized activities and exercises to develop the skills and abilities that will applied directly to one’s own course. Search for Developing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities opportunities.

Reflecting and Revising

These opportunities often described as learning communities, which are groups of six to twenty cross-disciplinary faculty and staff members who engage in an active, collaborative, extended-length (6-12 weeks) program with a curriculum about enhancing teaching and learning and with frequent seminars and activities that provide learning, development, the scholarship of teaching, and community building. Learning Communities focus on a course or project in which to try out innovations, assess student learning, and prepare a course or project mini-portfolio.  Search for Reflecting and Revising opportunities.

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