Announcing: DARS through eTranscript

DARS through eTranscript

Within the eTranscript application, staff will now have access to not only a student’s MNTC degree audit, but also their program/major audit(s) from other institutions. Degree audits will be available for any program/major that a student may have declared (both active and end-dated) as long as data is not missing in ISRS and the year term of the declared program/major is greater than 20111.

Degree audits that are available through eTranscript are now being made available to better assist with the transfer of Transfer Pathways, MANE nursing students, and any other programs that are necessary for staff to be able to view how and which courses were applied to a program.

For more detailed information about DARS through eTranscript, select the following link:

Along with DARS through eTranscript, there is now a ‘DARS Load All’ option within the eTranscript app. This functions in the same way as the ‘Transfer Load All’ feature. If a student has multiple institutions that they attended, you will no longer have to select ‘DARS Load’ for each individual institution. By selecting ‘DARS Load All,’ this will load all of a student’s transfer coursework from all available institutions in to DARS with the click of just one button. This feature will be available to those who have security rights for the ‘DARS Load’ button within eTranscript.

Both of these new features are now available as of, Thursday, September 26, 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by sending an email to

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