Celebrate Darwin Day by exploring an innovation funded open textbook!

February 12, 2020 is Darwin Day!

Explorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology received innovation funding from Minnesota State Educational Innovations after faculty presented their idea to a panel of judges at the Shark Tank Open.

This is the first comprehensive, peer-reviewed open access textbook for biological anthropology courses. Produced with support from the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges and an innovation funding grant from Minnesota State, itโ€™s available free of charge for use in any setting.

Anthropology instructors can download or link to the entire textbook, or just the chapter(s) they want! Additional ancillary materials for this textbook are coming soon.

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  • Kelsie Aguilera, M.A.
  • Lara Braff, Ph.D.
  • Katie Nelson, Ph.D.
  • Beth Shook, Ph.D.

Questions? Contact Stephen Kelly.

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