CAREERwise Newsletter: May 2021

The May CAREERwise Newsletter is now available online.

In this issue, students and job seekers will find Energy Career Pathways. They will also learn where they can locate resources to explore careers in other essential Minnesota industries. And they will get links to resources to help them plan their education, including learning how one of the most common public training funds, WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), works.

Career counselors and advisers will find a link to an updated “My Career Plan” worksheet for English Language Learners. They will also learn where to find several GPS LifePlan activities online after the website is decommissioned.

This issue also includes several recent articles from MN FutureWork. MN FutureWork is a curation of articles highlighting current trends and news about the industry, the economy, and careers.

Visit the May CAREERwise Newsletter to learn more.

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