Educational Innovations hiring three new positions

Educational Innovations is seeking to diversify its talent and onboard three new employees as a cohort focused on principles of equity, inclusion, and cultural fluency within and across the work of each position. The ideal candidate embodies a demonstrated commitment to, interest in collaboration, as well as social and/or environmental change and innovation.

About the new positions 

These are currently limited positions that will last up to three years from the start date. Telework options may be available.

Program Director for Collaboration (Academic Professional 5) 

The person in this position will provide leadership for the Multi-Campus Collaboration program, serving faculty, staff, and administrators engaging in collaborative projects at Minnesota State campuses. This role will also work in partnership with other system office divisions and units. 

Created from the strategic initiative Innovating Toward Equity 2030, this position plays a critical role in providing guidance to stakeholders on evidence-based practices that align with innovation and collaboration Equity 2030 milestones. 

Learn more and apply by November 12, 2021. 

Equity Coach (Academic Professional 5) 

This position will advise and consult with administrators, faculty, and staff to plan, implement, and promote the diversity, equity, and inclusion goals of two federally funded grants, the Open Textbook Pilot grant and the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief project (e.g. Teach Together Minnesota!). 

We are seeking someone to develop and lead the implementation of faculty learning communities, select course resources, and ensure the content reflects Equity 2030 goals of Minnesota State. 

Learn more and apply by November 19, 2021. 

Instructional Designer (Academic Professional 5) 

The person in this position will serve as the systemwide lead instructional designer for the newly awarded Open Textbook Pilot grant and the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief project (e.g. Teach Together Minnesota!).  

Coordinate the facilitation, guidance, and support of faculty in applying advanced instructional design principles to courses, curricula, and materials, particularly open educational resources, and the licensing of those materials. 

Learn more and apply by November 19, 2021. 

About Educational Innovations 

Educational Innovations, a unit within the Academic and Student Affairs division at the Minnesota State system office, is an energetic team that seeks to identify, seed, and support innovative technologies and talent to drive and enable the highest-quality teaching and learning experiences for students across Minnesota State. Because we assist with the development of innovations and collaborations across disciplines, we look for dynamic, curious individuals with a variety of background experiences they can leverage to help people along their innovation journey. 

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