New OER opportunities for faculty collaborating with Concurrent Enrollment instructors

Minnesota State faculty are now able to collaborate with their high school Concurrent Enrollment (CE) instructors in OEN Webinars and OER Learning Circle projects. We are able to provide a stipend for both Minnesota State faculty and their CE partner.

OEN Webinars

Join Open Education Network (OEN) Webinars, where we introduce participants to open educational resources (OER), creative commons licensing, and the work with the Open Textbook Library at the University of Minnesota. Attendees will receive a link to review an open textbook located in the Open Textbook Library ( and receive a $200 stipend once the review is completed.

Invite your Concurrent Enrollment partner!

How? The Minnesota State faculty will need to first register themselves, then their CE partner, selecting their own Minnesota State school.

OER Learning Circles

Collaborate with other Minnesota State faculty who are committed to saving students on the cost of textbooks and course resources. There are 3 options to choose from when participating in an OER Learning Circle:

  1. Redesign a course around OER.
  2. Create ancillary materials to complement an existing OER.
  3. Author a primary course resource.

In addition to virtual weekly meetings, OER Learning Circles utilize a D2L Brightspace course to support faculty and will take place over a ten-week period (five-weeks in the Summer). Participants receive compensation in the form of release credit equivalency (RCE) of $1750 in combined salary and fringe.

Invite your Concurrent Enrollment partner!

How? Only the Minnesota State faculty partner needs to apply using the online form. A separate form for the CE partner will be available after applying.


Contact Karen Pikula.

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