Provide Input on the 2023 Student CPL Survey Results

Survey Results

A pile of paper cutouts in the shape of human heads against a light blue background. Each head has either a question mark or a light bulb printed on them.

The 2023 Minnesota State Student Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Survey provides insight into current CPL experiences, attitudes, and perceptions for Minnesota State students, and improvements for the future.

Watch a video overview of the results.

Seeking Input

C-PLAN is soliciting input from Minnesota State faculty and staff on further survey analysis.

Provide input for additional data analysis requests as well as questions you’d like asked during focus interviews. Focus interviews will be held by the survey administrators, Charlotte Nitardy, and C-PLAN intern Carie Statz. They will be inviting survey participants who agreed to being contacted for follow-up starting in the 2023 fall semester. Your input will help strengthen this opportunity for bringing forth updated CPL research for Minnesota State colleges and universities.

Survey Background

The survey was developed in Fall 2022 with consultation with Minnesota State CPL subject matter experts and is for both external and internal assessments. The survey was piloted with all stakeholder representatives in Spring 2023 for validity and reliability. Input was used to revised the questionnaire. The quantitative survey was administered in Spring 2023 and qualitative study will be administered in Fall 2023.


Contact Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Network.

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