The NED was established to provide educational development opportunities that are designed by Minnesota State faculty and staff for Minnesota State faculty and staff. These opportunities help build awareness, develop knowledge, skills, and abilities, and provide space for reflecting and revising.
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Creating Accessible Course Documents: Summer 2022


May 31 - June 19, 2022 Short Course Description  This three week short course provides faculty and staff and opportunity to practice making digital materials accessible to those who use a screen reader. The course will introduce participants to basic techniques for using tools available in the Microsoft Office suite including Word and PowerPoint.  Additionally,... Continue Reading →

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Integrating Retrieval Practice: Summer 2022


May 31 - June 19, 2022 Short Course Description This course is an introduction to retrieval practice teaching methods. Retrieval practice focuses on improving long-term learning. We help students retrieve through deliberate recall of skills and knowledge, spaced out over time, and reviewed along with other concepts. More than 100 years of educational research in... Continue Reading →

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