The NED was established to provide educational development opportunities that are designed by Minnesota State faculty and staff for Minnesota State faculty and staff. These opportunities help build awareness, develop knowledge, skills, and abilities, and provide space for reflecting and revising.
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Applying Content Page Templates in D2L Brightspace 1

This webinar will demonstrate how you can use the pre-formatted HTML templates as a starting point for creating Content pages in D2L Brightspace. The templates provide you with example materials and page layouts that you may copy and edit as appropriate for your needs. This webinar walks through the steps of selecting and revising the... Continue Reading →

Lecture Recording: Best Practices


Pre-recorded lectures can be extremely helpful for student learning, but not all lectures are equally effective. In this webinar, we will explore what research says does and does not work well to improve student learning regarding video lectures. RSVP Required Use the RSVP tool below to register. After registering, a calendar invite with details on how to join will... Continue Reading →

Equity and Technology Webinar 2


This webinar will focus on ways in which Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be applied as an equity framework to support the use of digital technology for teaching and learning. We will look at the ways in UDL can go wrong if not applied with an intentional equity lens and examples of best practice... Continue Reading →

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