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The NED was established to provide educational development opportunities that are designed by Minnesota State faculty and staff for Minnesota State faculty and staff. These opportunities help build awareness, develop knowledge, skills, and abilities, and provide space for reflecting and revising.

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Equity and Advising: Fall 2023

September 25 - October 15, 2023 Short Course Description This asynchronous 3-week course is offered for the purpose of providing both academic and faculty advisors with the information and resources... Continue Reading →


Conversations with Colleagues: September

Real Talk, Real Connection. Join us in conversation with educational development colleagues from across Minnesota State as we kick off this year's Conversations with Colleagues series. This year we will be engaging in the theme of "Guides on the Educational Journey." Our first gathering will set the stage by thinking about relationship building as a... Continue Reading →


Setting up Assignments in D2L Brightspace

There are multiple options for collecting student work for assessment. The Assignments tool in Brightspace offers a single location for different types of assessment, including traditional file submissions, media submissions, and hands-on, face-to-face assessment. Learn how to use the Assignments tool in online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes. RSVP Required Use the RSVP tool below to... Continue Reading →


Click with Care: Ensuring Multimedia Accessibility Through Informed Choice

At its core, ensuring accessibility in course content is a matter of choice. Decisions on how to create, use, procure, and share multimedia directly impact student access and, ultimately, student success. This webinar explores how instructors and course designers can mitigate access barriers through informed decision-making and inclusive planning. RSVP Required Use the RSVP tool... Continue Reading →


Generative AI Workshop Series: Essays and Long-answer Assignments

Generative AI Workshop Series Does the rapid emergence of generative AI applications like ChatGPT have you rethinking your course assignments? Have you moved from, “What’s ChatGPT?” to “How do I encourage authentic writing when all of my students are using ChatGPT?” Join us this fall for a series of conversations about the impact of generative... Continue Reading →


Copy, Export, and Reuse Previous Course Material and Manage Dates Effectively in D2L Brightspace: Fall 2023

Re-purpose and share course material from semester to semester and campus to campus by using Import/ Export/ Copy Course Components in D2L. After importing old material, save time by using the Manage Dates tool to view and revise all the dates at once with filtering, sorting, and searching options. RSVP Required Use the RSVP tool below to... Continue Reading →


Assessing Quizzes in D2L Brightspace

The Quizzes tool in D2L Brightspace provides different methods of feedback when assessing students for an online exam. You can choose how to score quiz questions: automatically, manually, and/or with... Continue Reading →


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