BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY OUTREACH, from the Interim Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning

Administrators of continuing education and customized training will want to discuss within their campus unit the three workforce-related projects in the Chancellor’s strategic framework:


  1. Collaborate with DEED, et. al. to design and implement regional, sector-by-sector workforce needs assessment.  System office staff are working with MnSCU presidents, DEED staff and other workforce partners to implement the state workforce plan.  The Centers of Excellence and system office staff will lead and coordinate the industry sector studies.  Primary goals of the regional studies are to identify, sector-by-sector, the specific occupations of employer needs, and the number of graduates we are producing to meet industry needs, and the number of workers needed to fill future skills gaps. Colleges and Universities will designate a point person for each of six industry sectors.

Regional meetings by industry sector will occur in late March and April, 2012. Regional meetings will include professionals who have an interest in workforce development: education, workforce centers, economic development, business, philanthropic organizations, community based organizations, etc.

  1. 2.       Collaborate with DEED, et. al. to enable more people to more easily update skills.
  • Expand Minnesota FastTRAC through partnerships to increase the workforce skills of workers,
  • Leverage Perkins consortium-related efforts to develop academic career pathways for workers, and
  • Identify best practices for adult learners to update skills and prepare for new careers.
  1. Expand customized training and scale up local solutions.  Chancellor Rosenstone has asked five presidents, led by President Kevin Kopischke, Alexandria Technical and Community College, to serve on a committee to examine how to meet this goal.  As the presidents move forward, the expertise of the Business and Industry Outreach Council and CE/CT administrators will be integrated into the discussion and plan.

If you have any suggestions or comments on these strategic priorities, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Rothchild, interim associate vice chancellor, at 651.201.1672 or


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