Program Navigator Project Update

Program Navigator Project Update.  In June 2012 the Academic Programs Unit will convert traditional paper-based practices of program approval to a web-based program management system Program Navigator. We are pleased to report that implementation is progressing smoothly with the following achievements to-date:

  • Customized software, designed to meet requirements of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, has been developed and is in the final testing stages.
  • Program Navigator is configured to provide each college or university with workflow schemas as requested (16 different work flows were created and have been applied).
  • Over 600 campus users have been assigned to 9 possible user roles and 20 different workflow stages.
  • Most exciting to report: pilot testing is about to begin!

During the month of March college/university pilot-test volunteers will participate in training to learn how to use the Program Navigator system. Training will be provided through a D2L platform and will consist of written and graphic directions, a virtual practice environment and brief Camtasia video demonstrations.

Campus staff participating in pilot test scenarios will use Program Navigatorand provide feedback to ensure that the system works as expected.  Items to be tested include:

  • StarID login
  • workflows
  • form fields
  • validators
  • directions
  • hyperlinks

Old Announcements/Communications Regarding the Program Navigator Project

March 2011 Program_Navigator_Update

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