Beta XI Alpha Chapter at Saint Paul College

Beta XI Alpha Chapter at Saint Paul College Saint Paul College

  • The Saint Paul College Beta Xi Alpha Chapter under the leadership of faculty advisors, Beth Arnold and Dr. Ayesha Shariff and student President, Tara Tiegs, officially received 5 star chapter recognition. This is the highest level of chapter development you can receive and reflects a campus emphasis on all four hallmarks of PTK (leadership, scholarship, service and fellowship). This is the first time our campus chapter achieved 5 Star Status. This year’s chapter engaged in a college project, actively participated in regional leadership, held significant member recruitment and awareness campaigns, conducted scholarly research and submitted several Hallmark Awards for National Recognition (just to name a few).

Beta Xi Alpha Chapter also received the Regional January Featured Chapter of the Month Award AND Chapter President, Tara Tiegs received Regional January Distinguished Member of the Month Recognition. Five star chapter recognition goes to members: Tara Tiegs, Brenton Rice, Sheila Graham, Morgan Reiman, Sheila Tucker and Amanda Larson.

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