Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling (CEMRS)

We have come to agreement with DEA on the systemwide license for EMS Campus.  This is an exciting milestone on the project.

The Key Contact Kickoff meeting was held on April 5th. The group was given an update on the project, reviewed the role, and discussed next steps. As the task force develops recommendations, it will review them with the key contact group before being presented to the steering committee for approval.

A message was sent to all CFOs throughout the system to plan allocations for fiscal 2013 budget for the CEMRS project.

A CEMRS speed topic was conducted at the Facilities conference on April 11. Approximately 25 people attended the three sessions. There was good discussion on the project. Overall everyone is excited about moving forward with the project.

The task force met on April 20 to review common codes to be used systemwide to support the ISRS interface and systemwide reporting. The group is working to ccme to consensus on the codes.

Fourteen colleges/universities have asked to be considered part of the first wave of implementation. Each college/university has been sent a questionnaire that will be used to select the five colleges/universities that will go live for fall term 2012. We will select the five colleges/universities in early May.

To learn more about Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling go to the project web page.

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