US Department of Labor Taps iSeek Solutions for Health Care Virtual Career Network

Current and prospective healthcare workers can explore more than 80 different occupations, identify local education programs, and tap into current job listings by using a new online tool from the U.S. Department of Labor. The Virtual Career Network (, launched April 16, also helps job seekers and career changers to take free online courses and find financial aid resources.

The VCN was developed by an unprecedented nationwide group of experts, led by the American Association of Community Colleges and 20 partners in education, workforce development, and health care. iSeek Solutions has been a key partner at all stages of the project, contributing expertise in online tools for career exploration, education planning, and job search. iSeek Solutions plans to leverage the VCN toward a Minnesota healthcare careers website later this year.

When U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis viewed a demonstration of the in-depth information on the VCN, she was “really excited about the site.” She especially appreciated the prior learning assessment, in which iSeek Solutions played a formative role.

•             Learn more at iSpeak.

•             Press release from the US Department of Labor.

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