2012 Desire2Excel Award Finalists Announced!

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system is pleased to be informed that it is a finalist in this year’s Desire2Excel Awards. The winner will be announced this July at Desire2Learn’s Annual International Users Conference (Fusion 2012), taking place in San Diego, California.

The Desire2EXCEL Awards recognize organizations and institutions that have used D2L to deliver learning experiences that are innovative, collaborative and/or have a high, significant or extraordinary impact.

In 2002 individuals participating in early system planning efforts for a common learning management system (LMS) shared a vision for how adoption of a common application would satisfy a number of system-wide needs. But little did anyone anticipate the immensity of the impact that this initiative would have. From connecting Minnesota workforce learners to businesses, to the training of nurses, healthcare workers, and engineers, or to the education of hundreds of thousands of students, D2L for MnSCU provides a story we can tell of impact and success, not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of a world of people who touch and benefit from the technology. The award nomination includes demonstrating impact of MnSCU’s common LMS in the following five categories:
1) Impact of System-Level Planning and Common LMS;
2) Impact of MnSCU’s Centralized Hosting Environment and Support;
3) Impact of Campus Expertise, Innovation, and Sharing;
4) Impact of Collaborative Programming, Shared Course Offerings, and System-Wide Training;
5) Impact of External Partnerships

To see more information on the nine years of LMS-related achievements across the MnSCU system, along with Letters of support from Chancellor Rosenstone, the University of Wisconsin System, and others, please visit MnSCU’s Desire2Excel Showcase site at: www.desire2excel.project.mnscu.edu.

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