ASA Strategic Initiatives Updates, June 21, 2012

Academic and Student Affairs
Strategic Initiatives to support MnSCU Strategic Framework Update – June 21, 2012

  1. Metro Planning
    1. Group of presidents led by Edna Szymanski are drafting a “fiscal model for providing baccalaureate completion in the metro area”
    2. CSAO group led by Lisa Wheeler, Vice President of Student Affairs at Normandale Community College has drafted a group of principles and guidelines for providing student services to students pursuing new baccalaureate opportunities to be offered in the Metro area.
    3. ASA has begun working with the CAO’s on the development and facilitation of 4-5 focused areas for program development in the Metro area.  Small groups in conjunction with Centers of Excellence input will be meeting in the four areas of Health Care, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Financial Services to develop plans for specific degrees to be offered and models to be utilized.
    4. Workforce
      1. Three new sector areas will hold listening sessions this summer  – Agri-Business, Financial Services and Mining
      2. Data-analysis and final reports are in process from the sessions completed this past spring.
      3. Information sessions will be held this summer and fall to discuss alignment of programs and support sector planning.
      4. Staff have been engaged in early discussions on how to help develop and support the Chancellor’s goals pursuant to policy 3.36 –Program Approval.
      5. Transfer
        1. A plan for implementation of transfer improvements has been developed and presented to the Leadership Council for their approval.  ASA will move ahead on facilitating  the goals and timelines established in the plan.
        2. Extraordinary education
          1. Six campuses have so far shared their results, demonstrating the locally defined ways in which each college or university approached the question of current activities and future directions for extraordinary education.
          2. Lynda Milne and Doug Knowlton have proposed a model for ways that the institutions can share the work they are doing that meet the goals of extraordinary education identified in the Strategic Framework. This proposal has been sent to the Chancellor for his review and revision. This information can also provide a list/inventory for the system to use as examples of the extraordinary teaching and learning currently provided or under development.
          3. To promote the development and extension of extraordinary education ASA will be working with the CAO’s to identify activities and support the work that can be done in conjunction with the institutions initiatives.
          4. Developmental Education
            1. A plan and series of recommendations was developed by a taskforce of CAO’s. This document identified some best practices and provided directions for campus implementation.
            2. During the Leadership Council meeting on June 5, 2012 the report of the CAO’s was presented and it was decided that the campuses would develop individual plans for implementing some best practices that were best suited for their institutions.
            3. A request will be made that the institution plans for implementing best practices be shared with the system office at some date in the future.
            4. P-20
              1. ASA staff continues to support the work of the Chancellor and will look to develop any new support policies etc. that may be needed.  A major presentation on the work of the Chancellor,  Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education and the Director of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education entitled “A Vision for Redesigning Grades 11, 12, 13 and 14 in Minnesota” was presented at the BOT meeting on June 20, 2012.
              2. ASA is in the process of developing a position description and filling a position in the area of P-20 programming that will support this work.
              3. E –education
                1. The Chancellor has requested that VC for ASA and the VC for ITS provide a document with an analysis and future directions for e-education within the MnSCU system.
                2. The new organizational alignment within ASA will provide more coordinated leadership in the areas impacting e-education initiatives within the state
                3. The research office in ASA has provided detailed data on the current status of online offerings provided by the institutions in the system.

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