June 2012 CEMRS Update

Progress continues on the Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling Project (CEMRS). The first wave schools have had their kickoff meetings and have started gathering data in preparation for training and configuration. We expect training and configuration to start by the end of July.

The hardware implementation has been delayed due to dependencies on the Exadata project. We are working to decouple the dependency and are determining the effect on the timeline. Our original plan was to have the 1st wave schools using the system by the beginning of fall term. That date is moving out. We will provide an updated timeline soon.

The key contacts group is working on mapping each college/university to one of the 4 waves. Each wave maps roughly to a term: 2nd wave fall 2013, 3rd wave spring 2013, 4th wave summer 2013. This may move depending on the timeline adjustments mentioned above.

A service level agreement (SLA) between the system office and each campus has been drafted and approved by the task force. It will be discussed for approval at the July steering committee meeting. Each college/university CIO has been sent a copy of the SLA to review and provide feedback.

The task force is finalizing the common systemwide code for events, room types, and groups. These codes will support systemwide reporting. As part of implementation a clean-up process in ISRS will be required. The bulk of the effort will be focused on room types, although there will need to be some clean-up done in support of academic events.

To learn more about Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling go to the project web page: http://www.finance.mnscu.edu/facilities/cemrs.

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