Program Navigator System: Bug Report

Only colleges/universities with Dean Reviewers in the Workflow will encounter this issue. Issue: When an Initiator submits applications to workflow, all Dean Reviewers in that college/university group are receiving the notification email, instead of only the one specified Dean selected by the Initiator. Decision Academic, Inc. has been made aware of the bug and is designing a fix that will become available in the next product release, sometime during fall semester.

In the meantime; Initiators can help Dean Reviewers differentiate between a notification they should attend to, and one they can delete/ignore, by being specific in the Request Envelope title.

Titles on Request Envelopes should include the: • type of change being requested (i.e. new program, credit change, relocate etc.); and • name of the program being redesigned or created.

For example: “CIP Code change Business Management: Non-profit”, would be a strong descriptive title. In this case, the Dean who supervises the Business area would know they have something to review, while the others can just delete the email. If the title was “CIP Code change” each Dean Reviewer would have to open and look at the application itself to determine if this was something they should review, or not.

Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks! Questions/concerns:

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