News from the CSC

Harmon Place on the MCTC campus has been buzzing recently with activity involving campus leaders from around the state, system office staff, and the CSC and IBM teams. The second week of the Shared Services Planning and Design effort kept the momentum generated from the prior week’s four workshops on Human Resources, Finance/Business Offices; Financial Aid Processing; and Strategic Sourcing.

In this issue:  News from the CSC – Second Issue – 08-29-2012
 Matt Bailey and Beth Buse – reflections on the workshops.
 Meet the CSC IBM team, including MnSCU alum Todd Heiman, who previously worked at Vermilion Community College.
 Recap of the CSC Leadership Committee meeting.
 Recap of Workshops – First Round!
 The Itasca Project – Beth and Allison visit Harmon Place.


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