FY13 Technical Skill Assessments Planning Calendar, 9-4-12

The FY13 Technical Skill Assessment Project meetings have been set for this academic year.  Attached is a list of groups as well as meeting dates and locations.   FY13 Technical Skill Assessments Planning Calendar 9-4-12

We will be sending an e-mail letter of invitation as well as an agenda for each Technical Skill Assessment Fall Teacher/Faculty Meeting to all secondary teachers and postsecondary faculty in these career pathways (based on CIP codes) in the near future.  We will also “CC” deans of the identified programs.

For your information, we will be working with 9 different teacher/faculty groups in 16 different pathways this academic year.  We will focus on the cluster competencies for many of the secondary programs while we address the pathway needs of the postsecondary programs.  Again as in the past, the teachers and faculty who participate in the TSA meetings determine the list of state-approved technical skill assessments based on the common core competencies for each pathway.

The Leadership Teams in each of the pathway groups have been working very hard this summer in preparation for these upcoming meetings.  We believe that we have a solid process to get the work done well in the time allotted.

Feel free to e-mail Ginny Karbowski, ginny.karbowski@so.mnscu.edu  if you have a particular teacher or faculty who is interested in participating in the process.  We will contact them personally to invite them to the meetings.

AND on behalf of the CTE State Staff–both at the System Office and at the Minnesota Department of Education, we thank you for your ongoing support of this important project!

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