CAO/CSAO Conference: Academic Programs Unit Sessions

Academic Programs will offer two sessions:

1) to launch a technology users group for those working with Decision Academic computer applications; and
2) to discuss the review of AAS degree programs that exceed 60 credits.

Please join us to discuss how, by working together, we can effectively leverage MnSCU knowledge and resources to support common goals.

1. Navigator User Group: This session will launch a new user’s group to facilitate knowledge sharing among folks using Program Navigator, Curriculum Navigator and Catalog Navigator computer applications. Participants will discuss user group purposes, methods of sharing, and agenda topics. Similar to other technology user groups, we will focus on; a) implementation experiences; b) product advancement needs; c) system-wide vision for integrated and automated curriculum management. d) financial, technological & personnel resources, and e) best practices.

2. AAS Credit Length Review Process: With 498 AAS programs to review by December 31, 2013, let’s discuss ways to make the process as focused and painless as possible. This round of waiver applications will be submitted in Program Navigator. While no group waiver applications are required, program advisory committees, students and academic standards and curriculum councils need to review these programs and determine whether or not industry and professional standards require more than 60 credits.

Bring questions (and answers!) to add to the Frequently Asked Questions document.


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