Program Navigator System Update

The Program Navigator system, a web-based workflow computer application for submitting academic program changes to the system office, has been up and running since July 16, 2012. The application itself has been working well, with few technical glitches as follows:

  • The interface with ISRS continues to be tested and modified to assure that data entered into the ISRS system is accurate. ITS staff are diligently working to conclude this project and we hope to announce that the interface is up and running shortly.
  • The fix to stop improper workflow notifications (see August 3, 2012 post) is being designed.

User Tip: Private Notes

 Did you know that you can make Reviewer Comments on the Request Envelope private? To do this, select the Reviewer Comments tab, type your comment in the box, and then check the box next to the statement “Note is Private?”

To report issues or request user assistance please submit your request online at

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