CAO/CSAO/DEANS Fall Joint Meeting Details

The draft agenda for the Joint CAO/CSAO/Deans meeting at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge is now posted. Please be assured that we continue to review, update and proof the agenda as necessary.  As you will note, again this year, we have full days of session offerings available.   If you are a presenter, please review your session descriptions, titles and presenters and notify us of any corrections as soon as possible.  Chancellor Rosenstone, Vice Chancellor Knowlton and CAEL Vice President Amy Sherman will be presenting and leading discussions on key issues for our system colleges and universities.

Pre-Conference: “Developing an Academic and Student Affairs Information Technology Work Plan.”  This year the system Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) Division is holding a pre-conference workshop to develop a more integrated and strategic process for campus leadership and chief academic and student affairs officers, in particular, to help develop, assess and recommend initiatives in the system’s Information Technology Division.  While ASA staff work with a number of user groups comprised of various campus professionals, there remains a gap in ensuring how campus leaders are informed of user group recommendations and how these key decision-makers are able to confirm and/or approve prioritized needs before the vice chancellor forwards the recommendations on to presidents, vice presidents and other constituencies.  This is the first step of many in helping the ASA division develop and communicate a campus-leaders-driven, ASA-informed strategy.  If you have already registered online for the joint meeting and want to attend the pre-conference workshop, please contact Anne Stowell.  If you have questions, key contacts for the pre-conference are: Jonathan Eichten, Leslie Mercer, and Lynda Milne.

A pre-conference workshop draft agenda is now available.

Registration: Remember to register online for both the pre-conference and joint meeting to ensure we have correct headcount for preparations for food and materials, this is important even if attending only to present.  Deadline is Wednesday, October 17.

Lodging at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge: You can find the lodging reservation form on our website.

Day Commuters and Meal Registration:  If you will NOT be staying overnight at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge, please fill out the day commuters and meal registration form.

Please visit our website for updated draft agendas, as well as, our final agenda that will be posted by October 19.  Note – the plotted sessions in the draft agenda contain brief notes that help guide the plotting of sessions in the agenda – those will be removed from the final agenda.


Tim Price
Deputy to the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Phone: 651.201.1671
Fax: 651-649-5409

Analytics and Performance MetricsCraig Schoenecker, 651-201-1864
Completion and RetentionMike Lopez, 651-201-1673
Developmental Education –  Karen Hynick, 651-201-1760
Extraordinary EducationLynda Milne, 651-201-1887
Leadership and other topicsTim Price, 651-201-1671
Workforce DevelopmentMary Rothchild, 651-201-1672
Online/TechnologyJonathan Eichten, 651-201-1655

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