Minnesota College Application Week-A Final Call for Volunteers

A FINAL CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS!  Minnesota College Application Week , November 12-16– Who is involved?   See attached.  A FINAL CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS (2)

Over 100 high schools across the state are registered sites this year. They include high schools, charter and public, in the Twin Cities as well as cities and towns throughout greater Minnesota.   A complete list of high school sites is available through the volunteer registration link at the MACAC home page: www.mn-acac.org.

How can you participate?  Go to the MACAC website at www.mn-acac.org to access the volunteer registration link and fill in the appropriate information for the sites you would be interested in visiting. The volunteer registration site will close October 25th.  You can lend your individual expertise by volunteering at any of the registered sites, but there is a strong need at the list of schools below . Volunteers are needed in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the high school.  Examples include:  greet and sign-in students, assist students with the completion of college applications, speak to student or parent groups, share information about the college application process, share personal stories about your college journey, share about your area of expertise (financial aid, diversity, college preparation, essay writing, etc.).

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