Academic and Student Affairs Technology Update

This is the first of planned regular updates on the Academic and Student Affairs Division Technology workplan. The ASA Technology workplan is attached which includes current projects included in the ITS Division workplan for FY13 with anticipated timelines. With input from campus leadership, the workplan information will be updated on an ongoing basis to include additional background information as improved over time. For example, we are working on including a link to provide further detail about each project.   We welcome your feedback on the updates and processes.  Please read the full memorandum along with the  ASA Technology Workplan.

ASA Technology Update Memo -Doug Knowlton 12-5-12 (2)

ASA FY13 Technology workplan

Further questions about the ASA Technology Workplan should be directed to Jon Eichten, Interim Senior System Director for Academic & Student Support Technology, System Office, 651-201-1655,

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