Credit When It’s Due: December Update

Notes shared at the Dec. 12, 2012 CAO/CSAO Conference Call:

CWID Update

 Credit When It’s Due is a 2-year project funded by Lumina, Ours is one of 12 statewide “reverse transfer” projects in the US.
  • Systemwide
  • Research and planning collecting data: University students who have significant credits (30/60) from one or more of our two-year colleges and might be eligible for an associate’s degree
  • Last year’s pilot at Inver Hills Community College and Metropolitan State showed very positive results (about 60 eligible; awarded degrees to 12-16). So about 25%.
  • Steering committee formed, headed by Drew Melendres (IHCC, Metro pilot).
  • Working with University of Illinois on evaluation research for project.
  • Plan to engage all 31 colleges and universities, but the work (reviewing transcripts, contacting students and registrars) will be done centrally. (Hiring staff now.)
  • Request to CAOs from Louise DiCesare on 11/16 for campus contacts: advisor, registrar.
Q: Will new HLC degree residency requirements (last 15 credits at degree-granting institution) affect this project?
A: Don’t know. Will research.    [Found out: The Higher Learning Commission’s new Assumed Practices stipulate that “The institution requires that …15 of the final 30 for an associate’s degree it awards be credits earned at the institution.” But they also say: “Institutions that do not maintain such a requirement, or have programs that do not, are able to demonstrate structures or practices that ensure coherence and quality to the degree. Consortial arrangements are considered to be such structures.”]

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