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Q: How do I know which version of a program is Active?
Q: How do I know which version of a program I should use when redesigning a program?

When you search for a program using the Programs (Create New, Search and Redesign) tab, be sure you select to look for the program records that have “No End” in the End Version column – these are the Active records. When you do a search, be sure to click on the word “code” at the top of the list, this will organize the list by putting all versions of a single program together in the list.

For example, you might have several versions of a single program, a previous version will show a # in the End Version column instead of “No End”

Program   Version #        End Version #
1234           1                      1
1234           2                      2
1234           3                    No End

In this case, the Version #3 is the Active version of the program, the previous versions of the program are closed as indicted by a # in the End Version column.

Contact: Tamara Arnott

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