New Academic Program Tools Available – Meeting Workforce Needs

On the Academic Programs Webpage: Select the Workforce Planning link for access to 3 great resources that will support program planning.

Labor Market Information (LMI) – Demand Data (Are there jobs for our graduates?) DEED has created a tool to assist campus leadership, faculty and staff in researching the viability of a potential new program based on Labor Market Data.

NEW!!!! IPEDs Program Completer Data – Supply Data (Number of graduates competing for the jobs by state) In support of program planning, the purpose of this spreadsheet is to show number of graduates from 2006-0011 in IA, MN, ND, SD, WI including regions in each state.

NEW!!!! Economic Development and Employer Planning System (formerly Occupational Supply Demand System) Provides information and resources that will assist with analysis and discussion of supply and demand issues relevant to today’s labor market. Click on the “Programs of Study and Training” button.

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