u.select Update

Students now may import their MnSCU courses into u.select

As of earlier this morning on Monday, May 6, students using u.select have the option of being able to import their MnSCU courses electronically from eServices to u.select.  Previously, students had to manually enter their coursework or select courses one-by-one from a Course Bank in u.select.

Here are the basics:

The student must begin the process in u.select (www.transfer.org)

  1. They will see ‘Import Courses’ as an option in the ‘Courses’ and ‘Add Courses’ areas of u.select if they choose any MnSCU school as an institution from which they have coursework
  2. When the student selects ‘Import’, they are taken to the chosen school’s eServices portal
  3. Once they successfully authenticate with their Student ID or Star ID and PIN, all their credit courses for that school, including in-progress courses, are sent to u.select
  4. Students must separately log in and authenticate in eServices for each MnSCU school where they have coursework and must Logout of each eServices session before proceeding to the next school.  NOTE: LOGGING OUT AFTER EACH eSERVICES SESSION IS CRITICAL!!!  Please help convey this message to students.
  5. Students must create a free u.select account in order to save their portfolio of courses from one login to the next.

Complete instructions are found in the documentation at:


Advisors and other interested parties at your school should be notified, and students should be notified, including by adding a link to the above documentation on your institution website, especially on pages where u.select is highlighted for transfer students.

With this new functionality, students should be able to more easily monitor their progress toward completion of any program and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (where listed in u.select), by importing all their courses and choosing to run a Plan (Degree Audit report) at their desired school in u.select.

Questions may be directed to the DARS/u.select Team mailbox at dars.info@so.mnscu.edu

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