Academic Program Inventory Link: Hints and Tips

Academic Program Inventory Link:  Hints and Tips

There is a known issue preventing some users from being able to open the Program Inventory dashboard link. If you experienced problems, please review the following tips and hints:

•             If you are using an internet browser other than Internet Explorer (IE)8 you will need to copy and paste the link using Internet Explorer.

•             If you are already logged into Hyperion and you click the link, the first time it will give you an error.  The fix for this is to first log out of Hyperion and then click the link again.

•             If you are still experiencing issues with the link, you may need to add “*” to your trusted sites. To do this in IE go to tools > Internet Options > security tab > click local intranet  > Click Sites > Advanced > then add *

Each time you change a setting, remember to close the browser and open a new instance.

The link to the Interactive Program Inventory is:

Contact:  Tamara Arnott,

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