Minnesota Online Budget Update 7-23-13

Minnesota Online Budget Update – 7-23-13

During FY13, chief academic officers, academic deans, students and others provided input on each of the technologies, resources and services funded by the Minnesota Online budget.  Based upon this feedback, and advisement by the Academic and Student Support Technology Council as well as the Academic Affairs Council, three directions for the FY14 MnOnline budget were adopted:  1. ongoing support; 2. new or increased support; 3. reduced or defunded support.

In addition, the Councils recommended that MnOnline funds be used in FY14 to promote awareness of funded tools and services and to create an accountability model for each area of investment that will include usage and satisfaction data obtained from faculty, staff and students.

1.  Ongoing support (see attached flyer) – Academic and Student Affairs MnOnline Budget BROCHURE

2.  New or increased support

Analytics:  Predictive analytics that lead to improved student success were consistently identified as an important area for growth.

Closed captioning:  Many commented on the need for closed captioning of videos that are part of e-education.

Quality Matters (QM):  Increased QM training and certified courses were consistently rated as a high value in support of e-education.

Smarthinking:  Many suggested increasing the availability of this e-tutoring service.

3.  Defunded or reduced support

CENTSS:  While the product has not kept pace, the function of assessing e-services will be reviewed.

Lodestar:  Access to this product will continue but at no cost.

Mathematica:  This is discipline-based software and at many institutions is among several software options.

MERLOT:  The partnership will be maintained for FY14 but without cost.  During this year, the system will evaluate whether to resume the statewide subscription.  Faculty awareness and use of this resource is low to moderate, and the MERLOT resources are available to them whether the system is a member or not.

Minnesota Learning Commons website:  Due to low faculty and student use of this resource, funding has been reduced.

Savvy software:  Due to low usage, there will be a transition of one more year of funding (FY14), and then the software will be defunded.

eFolio:  Due to recent legislation, eFolio personal websites will continue until June 30, 2015.   The system office is currently in communication with the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Department of Education, Department of Employment and Economic Development and the Office of Higher Education to assess an electronic infrastructure and explore shared support for eFolio.   One of the ideas we are exploring is to migrate eFolio users (students and faculty) from the MnSCU hosted site to “myefolio” which is the version hosted by Avenet and used by all non-Minnesota users.

Jon Eichten, Jonathan.Eichten@so.mnscu.edu


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