Second Thursday Webinar – FERPA in 2013: Old Friend and New Challenges

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 – 10:00 A.M.

FERPA IN 2013: OLD FRIEND AND NEW CHALLENGES – The beginning of the school year is a good time to review your institution’s FERPA policies and practices to ensure your campus is in compliance with longstanding and new FERPA regulations.  We will guide you through what you need to have in place, along with sample documents, as well as a discussion of some of the questions that arise in the “new frontier” of electronic education records.  We also will provide information about compliance resources available online – all to increase your confidence in dealing with FERPA issues.

Intended Audience:  This session is for any MnSCU administrator or other employee who has significant responsibilities for handling education records.   Presented by Deputy General Counsel Kris Kaplan and Assistant General Counsel Sarah McGee.

To join the 10 a.m. presentation:

1. Go to
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the session password: This session does not require a password.
4. Click “Join Now”.
5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

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