Updated Academic Programs Web Resources

New and updated academic program resources are now available on the MnSCU System website: http://www.academicaffairs.mnscu.edu/academicprograms/index.html. Bookmark this link!

Using the link above, the following resources are now available:

  • NEW! Inventory and Go Places: (share this information with Financial Aid Directors and Registrars!)
    Interactive Program Inventory: filter data and view reports by Institution, CIP, Program Title, Credit Length, CTE Cluster and Pathway, Award type, etc.) Internet Explorer 8 required.
  • MnTransfer: UPDATED!  Articulation agreement form and instructions, articulation agreement database
  • Program Navigator: system link (Internet Explorer 8 required), training, UPDATED! New user security forms (now you can complete, save, and email the security form!), supplemental instructions such as updating attributes for College Search on the System website.
  • Program Planning:
    NEW! Sample program application templates; consider using these templates when faculty or others would like to review requirements, conduct research (with live links) and assemble program application materials before submitting them in Program Navigator.

Contact: tamara.arnott@so.mnscu.edu

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