Faculty Assignment Management Automation (FAMA) Project Progress

The goal of the Faculty Assignment Management Automation project is a fully-integrated, automated process that utilizes ISRS course schedule information to build faculty assignments in SCUPPS.  Other key components include bargaining agreement compliance, additional input of non-instructional work, and budget approvals.

This project is progressing in phases with the HR9600 Faculty Instructional Load Report being released in September.  This report of faculty instructional assignment details is used by:

• Academic deans to verify that the course schedule was built correctly and to ensure that faculty assignments comply with collective bargaining agreements.

• Course schedulers/registrars to verify that the course schedule was built correctly.

• HR staff for building faculty assignments.

If you are part of the above groups, we encourage you to run this report and to begin discussions with other stakeholders about the project and report data.  The progress and success of this project is dependent on your participation and feedback.  Feedback since the initial release has resulted in a number of modifications and we continue to build on this as we work to ensure data consistency across all institutions.

Questions about the project or your reports can be sent to Debbie.Schadewald@so.mnscu.edu.

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