u.select becomes Transferology on March 31, 2014

CollegeSource, the owner of DARS/u.achieve, is introducing Transferology on March 31, 2014.  Transferology replaces u.select, and will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved navigation for students
  • Clearer transfer equivalency information
  • Academic planning via the student transcript upload feature
  • Ability for students to request more information from colleges and universities after viewing credit matches
  • Comparison shopping for students—by college size, tuition levels, etc.
  • Ability for advisors to create common transfer scenarios
  • Recruitment tools for colleges and universities based on student interests

Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officers are encouraged to ask all those who advise students to become familiar with Transferology prior to its launch.  Staff who attended this year’s DARS/Transfer conference had a preview of Transferology.  For all others, the first step is to view the “Intro to Transferology”online webinar by following the steps below:

In addition, web-based training sessions for advisors will be coming soon from CollegeSource.  DARS/u.achieve encoders currently have access to a Transferology beta testing site.

Finally, an ad-hoc workgroup has been created to help facilitate the transition to Transferology with a plan for communication and promotion to students.  If you wish to join the workgroup, please contact jonathan.eichten@so.mnscu.edu

Transferology contact person:  Laurie Tralle, laurie.tralle@so.mnscu.edu

Click here for a list of the DARS/uselect administrators.


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