Desire2Learn Update

Desire2Learn Update

Based upon input from the ASA Technology Council, faculty, and students, below is an update on several D2L issues:

D2L will be upgraded to version 10.3 on May 30 beginning at 10 p.m.  The upgrade will provide the following benefits:

·        Quiz and Survey edit/create screens re-organized with new layout

·        Discussion tool revamped with new navigation to improve flow

·        Content tool will be the central point of activity for teacher and learner

·        Content navigation improvements for viewing progress

·        A full listing of improvements can be viewed at

The faculty D2L upgrade testing period will be available starting toward the end of April.  Further information will be forthcoming.

Each university and college is encouraged to create a D2L “team” to review the attached tools and features documents and determine local priorities.   A best practice of a team includes faculty members, the chief academic officer/provost, academic deans, D2L site administrator and trainer and chief information officer.   Student representatives may also be included.

Local D2L site administrators will be provided D2L updates to be forwarded to all local faculty members.   Sending a common message is recommended as a best practice for consistency of message and convenience.

Questions may be referred to Lesley Blicker at

Third Party Tools and D2L Integration Availability Matrix_January 2014

D2L Tools and Features Matrix_Jan2014

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